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DFS Lab has leveraged its status as a market actor and investor to create a world-class research and insights team with deep market knowledge, access, and convening power.

Our team does rigorous fieldwork and end-user research to understand the perspective of people and businesses adopting digital products.


Beyond the City Limits: Platform livelihood in Rural Indonesia
Rural Sellers Report in Indonesia
Opportunities to expand financial inclusion within Indonesia's Platform Economy
Livelihoods Pathways Report
Lights, Loans, and Beyond (Invested Infrastructure Pt. 2)
Physical Ubiquity
Quality Capital
Trains, Trust, and Card Networks(Invested Infrastructure Part 1)
A lay of the land
Physical Ubiquity Redux
Who is ‘The African Consumer’?
Fortune at the middle of the pyramid
The Frontier Blindspot
The B-Side of African Tech
Indonesia Literature Review
Build Cyborgs not Androids in Africa
The hard limits of retail digitalization in Africa

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